Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Counseling

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is the key that unlocks your body’s power to heal itself. It serves to empower the client through education about what’s going on inside of their body and what factors have led to dis-ease in the first place. Once an accurate picture has been drawn, we are able to work together by creating personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations so you can meet your goals!


First we’ll have a Strategy Session

It will be a quick 15-minute call so we can get to know each other and I can explain to you about what functional nutrition is and how I can serve you best!


Fill out a comprehensive intake form

This comprehensive intake form is used to capture all of your health information so we can gather important details and get started on the detective work. Next, we will schedule your health history session.


Health history session

This session will review the intake form with you and cover what we may have missed. At the end of this session, a timeline of your life and health will have been created. Next, we will schedule your nutrition counseling session.


Nutrition counseling session

In this session I will go over with you any journals I had you keep, and produce what we call in functional nutrition a “matrix” which details all of your health issues and how they are all connected like a web. The result of this session will be a lifestyle modification and diet plan that is unique to you so you can reclaim your health!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition will get to the root cause of your symptoms by recognizing the web-like interconnectedness of your body’s physiology and the environment around you . I meet you where you are and listen with an empathetic ear about your health history, relationships, environment, lifestyle, and how it impacts your health. This unique approach allows me to make connections overlooked by others and helps me to empower you with knowledge that will support you in modifying your diet and lifestyle to create lasting positive changes now and in the future.


These changes are sustainable because I work with things you can control such as relaxation, sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and more.


Once we dial in on what works for your body and lifestyle, you will have control of your life once again!

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately no. Functional Nutrition Counseling is an out-of-pocket-expense. I will be more than happy to partner with your existing healthcare team to go over any functional testing they can provide that can be covered by your insurance.

Can you prescribe medications?

As a functional nutritionist and health coach, it is outside of my scope of practice to diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. I will work with your healthcare team when appropriate.