you have the power to control your health more than you know!

Hi, my name is

Ayanna McClintic …

… and I’m a certified functional nutritionist health coach and hypnotherapist with a certification in rapid transformational therapy. I’m also an Air Force veteran. 

If you’re exhausted from struggling with health issues like low mood, anxiety, chronic pain, and gut issues, that are interfering with you living your life to the fullest, get ready for that to change.

You’ve landed on this page for a reason.

I’m here to help you
transform your health and
enhance your life.

 I spent 10 years in the Air Force, where the military’s treatment of any diagnosis was X milligrams of ibuprofen and out the door you go. 

While I was in the military, I suffered with insomnia, unexplainable skin conditions, struggled with mild depression and anxiety, got divorced, hurt my shoulder on deployment, and got exposed to burn pits, rocket attacks, and God knows what else while being over there. But at the end of the day when you see your primary care physician whether off base on, no one sat down with me and took the time to listen to my health concerns from beginning to end.

While transitioning to the civilian sector and working as a surgical technologist in the operating room, that’s when I saw countless patients suffer from preventable diseases and conditions. The same diseases and conditions that can affect anyone veteran or not. That’s when I knew I had to do my part to address this. I am here to listen to you and truly help you.

Because of these life experiences, I genuinely want to help people like you become healthy again and feel good on the inside and out.  

Over the past decade, I’ve seen how nutrition and mindset can truly heal the body. I am here to guide you, so you can place the power back in your hands and take control of your health. 

Are you ready to make lifestyle changes and live a healthy & confident life?

Get to know me on a personal level…

While I spend the majority of my time learning how to better help my health clients, I live my life in the way I encourage my clients to….with less stress and more activities that bring me joy!

If I’m not learning and taking a new education course, you can find me:

  • participating in survival courses
  • diving into biohacking and anti-aging methods
  • hip hop dancing
  • traveling the world (I’ve traveled to over 26 countries)
  • on an MTV game show…winning! (Yes, I won an MTV game show!)

My Education

  • BAS, Health Sciences (Arizona State University)
  • Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (Fx Nutrition Alliance)
  • Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (Marisa Peer)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (Marisa Peer)
  • Certified Health Coach (Dr Sears Wellness Institute)
  • Certified Reiki Healer (Dawn Gold)
  • Certified Surgical Technologist (North West College)
  • Program 1 (Applied Functional Medicine Mentorship Program – AFMMP)
  • The Cell Blueprint (Metabolic Fitness Pro- Dr. Bryan Walsh)